16 Sep 2016

Welcome to the new OB Donation page! 

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By Gunstar

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Recent donators

Name Package Amount Timestamp
joji parkinsons JB 1 Month Package 5.99 GBP 2017-01-07 20:37:41
TheĴaka~Lileee27 VIP Package 50 GBP 2016-12-31 23:12:56
Chus JB 1 Month Package 5.99 GBP 2016-12-31 23:09:42
Mozblast 2.0 VIP Package 50 GBP 2016-12-31 23:09:08
Willy The Whale VIP Package 40 GBP 2016-12-31 15:01:05
Panda JB 3 Month Package 12.79 GBP 2016-12-31 13:35:32
Pasickle 1 GBP 2016-12-24 23:14:47
drateR detangiseD VIP Package 40 GBP 2016-12-20 20:10:39
✪ MrGibbyGibson™ 1 GBP 2016-12-15 19:09:30
giant_cheesepuff VIP Package 50 GBP 2016-12-12 20:55:22


Why Donate?

Running servers is expensive. Donations help keep the community and our servers alive. In return for your kind donations, we provide you with ranks and custom perks on our servers!


How do I receive a invitation to the OB Donator/VIP steam group?
- Usually you will be invited to the group by one of our staff members, however if you haven't received an invitation, please message an admin to get one or create a support ticket on our Support page.

How do I receive my OB Donator/VIP Teamspeak Icon?
- Click on the Home button, after that enter your Unique Teamspeak ID when prompted. The TS Unique ID can be found by going to Settings>Identities>Unique ID on Teamspeak. If you have accidentally pressed the "skip" button, we will have to assign it to you manually, in that case please create a support ticket on our Support page

Where does my donation money go?
- Your money is used to support our community. It helps keep all of our servers running so we can continue to provide a platform for everyone to integrate and enjoy, whether it is Teamspeak, Forums or Game Servers.

What type of payment methods do you accept?
- We currently only accept PayPal payments. 

Does the Monthly Subscription take out money automatically each month?
- Yes, our monthly packages will automatically take out money each month so you don't have to re-purchase the package every time. If you wish to discontinue a monthly subscription, please do so through your PayPal. To unsubscribe, go to Settings page on Paypal (usually the cog  wheel button on top right), then choose "Payments" > "Manage pre-approved payments" and you can find and cancel the subscription from there.

Why haven't I received an item listed on the package?
- Some perks such as VIP custom tags are handed out manually after you have told us what you want as your tag and the colour. Other perks may take a few minutes or map change to activate. If you still haven't received everything listed on our packages, please create a support ticket on our Support page

None of the above answer my question, I need further help.
- We are more than happy to answer any other questions or queries you have. Please create a Support Ticket on the Support page if you need further assistance.