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  2. also
  3. nick danny jamie lewis oldmike extinct blyss thunder stiqqy mitch following reasons make this list game sense aim experience with them team player? right attitude in-game
  4. Yesterday
  5. Fuck my legs never get out my chair anyway kappa :P Would you rather never be able to sit down or never be able to lie down (standing isn't affected)
  6. Thanks guys :)..... srsly lewis :/
  7. Okay that makes sense :))
  8. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/GgOAGSQje6 CHAINSMOKERS MASHUP!! ft. Chris Collins, Kirsten Collins, Karisma Collins

  9. maybe he trolls less than you do so his post are taken seriously ?
  10. Either way this one won't be deleted <.<
  11. dw replace u with brandon and it will balance out again
  12. ? im not mocking im being serious...
  13. so -danny +sov? seems good
  14. @Extinct ツ It's a scheduled game... but it's not an entire ESL OB tournament, just hoping it could be played tonight. 95% of us sit on TS all night playing at least 3 gathers/mixes, so cba to wait days, back to uni in a few days Someone defo said they didnt wanna commit to a bo3 tonight, p sure one of the new kids And 'making it easier for us' Right now the teams are: Fluxy, Mitch, Lewis, Stiqqy, Jamie vs OldMike, Danny, Extinct, Nick and Thunder I think anyone with a brain can determine we're not exactly favoured in this match already lol
  15. complaining ???? you guys are moving things around here,we havent said a word about it not being a bo3 and you are already picking replacements that are lower then danny to make it abit easier for ya. looks like you are more scared then us. FACKING PUSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS !
  16. Id be down to play.
  17. -danny +sovman/brand0n/blyss move it to bo1 if u kids are already complaining
  18. do it on classic offensive, quality maps for it
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