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  1. 2 days left to sign up dudes. After the sign ups close tournament seeding and times for games will be posted :)
  2. Didn't even put me on your top 10 Jamie so dunno if I even wanna be on your team. Blyss and Extinct appreciate me much more.
  3. +honor
  4. Not entirely sure about the random bold words but welcome anyway! Also, I wouldn't say any of those careers are completely realistic but hey, who am I to crush some poor boy's dreams
  5. Probs loads of time to play them if i wasent very good, theres tonnes of amazing single player games that take 0 skill to enjoy, besides, we all see how much eraser enjoys playing cs Would you rather not use your phone ever again, or a computer ever again.
  6. I think this will always be one of those songs that I literally would sell my own mum to hear in a club but I don't think I ever will :( home-alone jam sessions it is then.
  7. while 4 of these slav demonstrate tripoliski, it is Alexei's tripoliski which is far superior than his pleb comrades. Therefore, he must get my slav vote.
  9. WELCOME TO MY INN, HA! FIND A SEAT IF YA CAN! Hello everyone, and welcome to Outbreak's offical inaugural Hearthstone tournament. This is the sign up and information page for all things relating to it. The details of the tournament structure and rules are as follows .PLEASE READ. It will take place on the weekend of the 20th to the 22nd of January, it might not take the whole weekend but these are the provisional dates. The tournament will be in the STANDARD format. No WILD decks will be permitted. I'm sorry if this will make some who haven't been currently playing the game alot feel excluded if they have old decks but this to keep it as fair as possible. Entrants will be required to have 3 decks, a max of one per class. Matches will be BO5s and you can only win one game per deck, meaning that to win a match you will need to win 3 games with each of your 3 decks. If you lose a game you can still use that deck in the next one, until you win with it. The tournament will be run using a general tournament seeding bracket format. If you are unaware of what that looks like you can google it or for those who are lazy and didn't see my other thread, it basically looks something like this. The semi final and final matches will be streamed and casted (hopefully) Prizes are yet unconfirmed but more to follow on this. After some discussion it has been decided that submission of decks to the organisers before hand is not necessary, so while you are not meant to edit any of your decks during the course of the tournament we have no real way of checking this so please be a good sport and don't do this. Anyone who is suspected of using different decks from the ones they started with will be disqualified. (Yes even if you unpack Kazakus half way through) All dates and times for the games will be posted here so please check, if you do not show up for your match without 12 hours notice you risk being disqualified. There is no max amount of people who can sign up, but for the tournament to run smoothly there needs to be a even number of participants. Sign up will be closed on Wednesday the 18th so that gives you until two days before the start of the tournament to sort your decks out. If there are an odd number of people when the sign up closes the last person won't get in, so get in fast if you really want to play! That is all the information I can think to include at the moment, if I think of anything else I will add it so please keep checking this page incase you missed anything. Sign Ups As this is in a official Outbreak event usual priority is given to Members, Donators, Staff, Veterans and VIPs and those with event bans or cooldowns will not be able to take part. All you gotta do to sign up is reply to this thread with "I'm in", "In" or simply, this gif. Fluxy Unseen Rhyse Gunstar Blyss IrishChimpo Fxden Substick KingKiper Weezy Skillershark DannyS Finnley Revillia
  10. Guys, I did say PM to me over steam or forums cause I didnt want you publicly showing your emails :(
  11. Hello everyone. Some of you may remember I put up a thread very similar to this one a few months back but that was kinda just gauging interest but this is the real thing now. I have chosen to do my dissertation on investigating links between people who play violent video games and their social identity and perceptions surrounding them. I'm not gonna go into the whole outline of my project but one of the key elements of my research is the carrying out of interviews. This is where I might need some of your guys help, if you would be willing to be interviewed by myself about your gaming habits and views of your own personality and behaviour please fill out the form below and PM it to me (over steam or forums). Those who sign up will be emailed an information sheet containing full details of the project but you may request one without signing up, if you would like to know more you are welcome to ask me. By signing up on this thread you are not committing yourself to take part in the project, you can still back out at any time. At the time I will need you guys to sign a consent form but this is just to see who would actually be interested in it. Username: Email Address: Age: (18 minimum) Location (Country): Hours spent playing games per week: (just very average estimates) Thanks guys! Please be aware that once you have given your consent I will be looking to begin the interviews ASAP, they can last up to 45 minutes (although I doubt any of them will) and i'm looking for 6-8 participants.