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  1. Good shout on this daffy. Is that mod Project Reality still around? That was awesome.
  2. Are you legit asking me, a 26 year old Russell Group graduate, to guarantee that my topics of conversation are appropriate and comprehensible to an eleven year old? Also crzycharlie, nothing against you. I'm sure you're a really nice lad, and I'd be happy for you to hop onto TS, but we are all at least nineteen, with most of us over twenty, so there is a big age gap. Just a heads up my man.
  3. Hey, what is your favourite brand of cigarettes? Do you smoke? If you don't smoke, you won't become a professional CSGO player or twitch streamer or youtuber. All of those professions require you to start smoking, and the younger you start, the better.
  4. Shoelaces, definitely. Would you you rather not have to boil the kettle ever again or not ever need to polish your shoes?
  5. Why do people take wild as a non exsistant gamemode? Honestly, I kinda see why. They are tired of all the cancer-aggro decks that the current ranked gamemode is filled. But, you have to think about all of the advantages of playing wild. Like playing all kinds of fun decks. Gonna' sit this one out but best of luck in the tourney and have a good time guys. :) (Y)
  6. Gonna have to go with Piotyr. I like his hat and that he's always got a cigarette in his mouth - doing big business in cool too.
  7. PM'ed you, Flux.
  8. Hb u albino midget. May ur day be filled with birthday blowies and Zeus's intimidatingly large dong and balls.
  9. The English in this post gets a 'no' from me.
  10. How do you get fake vacced? Also ciao. Idgaf what you did or didn't do, but hope you have a nice 2017.
  11. Double post for Mintlou: that includes you. I asked.
  12. Does this mean Mintlou has a chance to be unmuted?
  13. @Lewis Keep going at your tennis and your degree. Try not get complacent after a good first year. Maintain your work ethic and you'll be good. Maybe you could try being more agreeable though. Apart from lovely lion xoxo
  14. We have scots and they're largely pretty welcome. Also you write better than a lot of people older than you, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you're not retarded. Pls don't prove me wrong. Welcome to community bro xo
  15. ttyl bbe