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  1. Congratulizations iZac, you've passed your trial. You are now an official member of the community and can enjoy all the benefits of membership. Message an admin to be invited to the member's steam group. The only thing we would like you to take note is to not give in to the peer pressure of a large group who are misbehaving, as a member we expect you to know the difference between having a laugh and just being a hassle. Otherwise, congratz once again. All the best, The OB Staff
  2. I know it's been a while since last switch up, mainly due to Christmas and then a bunch of other stuff happening. Anyway the next rotation will be in for now and will be changed again in a month or so time. - Rotation Maps on Map List 1. jb_ob_voodoo_final_v1 2. jb_ob_moonjail_v2 3. jb_ob_airship_csgo_b6 4. jb_ob_cavern - Rotation Maps not on Map List 1. jb_ob_campus_2011_final 2. jb_ob_millennium_lega 3. jb_ob_snow_v2 4. jb_ob_leoben_csgo_final 5. jb_ob_mountaincraft_v6 We will be looking to add more maps to the rotation list in due course and keep things fresh. If you have any new (actually check that it is new and not already tested) maps then feel free to make a new thread suggesting, linking and giving details about them.
  3. Comprehensible? Not particularly, though if you are genuinely saying that you use the peak of your capabilities as a 'Russel Group graduate' to converse with the majority of Outbreak then I'm surprised anyone, apart from maybe Wist, would be able to follow most of what you say. Appropriate in terms of certain words/phrases that are being used, that arguably wouldn't be suitable regardless of age but have recently been used out of hand to the point where certain individuals genuinely believe some people hold the views that they incite with their choice of words (even though said views would be very dated and hold no place in this community). A kid on the internet over the age of 10 will have been exposed to a fair amount, perhaps there would still be some conversations that might push the boundaries but it's very easy to pick certain times and company for that. The kind of thing I was more referring to is the kind of stuff that isn't really acceptable at all in Outbreak but for a time it has been let off loose when regarded in certain company/context as just pure humour - but when those companies/contexts seem to become irrelevant to the people spouting said 'humour' it stops making our TS a place to welcome people of any background, age, intelligence etc. There were plenty of people aged above 18 to mid 20s back in a time where our content was open to people of all ages and yet still was able to maintain a mature conversation, I see no reason why there can't be mature and playful discussion/vibes which don't take it to the excess that someone should blanket avoid TS due to 'innocence'. Just my chip on it, I don't disagree with what you are saying. I wouldn't want to censor or stop people saying their own thing for laughs - but when I read Mintlou's 'for your own safety' and actually kind of agreed when thinking about some contexts, it made me sad that it should even be a thing. The thing I loved about OB is that it didn't matter about all that other shamble, you had something in common so you could converse and get on with people who would be polar opposites IRL. I know this is just one case but I wouldn't want it to continue to a state where we start losing that.
  4. Not sure if people should be warning him against coming on TS due to their content or get a reality check and mold their content based on who's around so that we welcome more people Either way, welcome to the forums Charlie. Skip out on the every word caps and the random boldness and then make yourself at home in our corner of the internet xo
  5. So the first day of Outbreak Winter CS:GO Competitive is tonight, couple of updates and reminders. First match starts at 8PM...starts..which means you should be on, in your team's TS channel and ready by very latest 7.45PM. Also to anyone who doesn't realise (because some people are pretty dense), the second match will begin as soon as all of the first matches have finished. I will come speak to you tonight about results and what you should do during setup (to which you will all be expected to listen and do as told without pissing about xoxo). Also due to unforeseen personal circumstances, @Echo has had to drop out at last moment so will be replaced by @Pasickle. Good luck to all teams, let's make this a good weekend of OB CS.
  6. Hey James, Despite some minor improvements in some areas, the staff team as a whole agreed that there is a long way to go before you are member material again. A lot of the time your positives often appear forced and people often find that you lie about things you have done to try make yourself look better, which just makes us less likely to see any genuine improvements. It has also been noted that you can often come across as toxic and been involved in a few incidents where your reproachful behaviour is linked to OB. Due to this, alongside your often immature, lack of sense nature, it makes it so we cannot give you a trial at this time. Sorry to disappoint, The OB Staff
  7. Hey iZac, Congratulations, we've decided to put you on trial. There are a few things we would like to see you improve on both during your trial and continuing after your trial should you pass. We would like to see further integration on TS through means of conversation, rather than just the gathers and your own groups that you sit in so people can get to know you (you've had enough integration to get trial, we'd just like to see a bit more). It has also been noted at times that you can be provocative at times and this often leads to causing issues and hassle for staff to deal with (sometimes it's meant in joking nature but it is needless baiting/shit stirring nonetheless). If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask. Good luck, The OB Staff
  8. Hey Jakob, You've had similar improvements mentioned to you over a couple of applications and conversations and there hasn't been any real improvements in the regards of integration and attempts to cut down on behaviour such as mic spamming etc. You also asked us to decline you as you realised this wasn't the right time, so we will be declining you. Sorry to disappoint, The OB Staff
  9. top lad, in depth memer 7/8 reporting to say I liked this video
  10. Just an update, due to their individual circumstances making them unavailable the following players have been replaced: @Simi #juandeag replaced by @Sovman @JamesG replaced by @Echo Although each of these individuals were only unavailable on the Saturday, that would be 2/5 games and ideally we'd like people to be able to play all of the games (at most missing out on 1). If anyone else suddenly finds out they aren't available then let us know as soon as possible - realistically you should be committed already by now but we really won't like it if we are pissed about.
  11. The winner of the final day, day 24, is: Pepe Congratz @Pepe The Frog on your 500 credits! ✔ Thanks to all who entered on each day for the advent. I wish you all a Merry Christmas xoxoxoxoxoxo
  12. Day 23's Winner was: Skill Gratz @Skill on your 100 credits! ✔
  13. New from Pogo, different to his usual stuff - not sure what to think on it yet lel