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  1. complaining ???? you guys are moving things around here,we havent said a word about it not being a bo3 and you are already picking replacements that are lower then danny to make it abit easier for ya. looks like you are more scared then us. FACKING PUSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS !
  2. dont know how im first when im playing shit recently edit:delete the 1 above ty
  3. easiest game of my life Edit:when and what time will this be played ?
  4. Top 5/10 in ob right now. 1.Jamie 2.Nick 3.Thunder 4.Lewis 5.Oldmike 6.Danny 7.Stiqqy 8.Blyss 9.Mitch 10.Fluxy Put your top 10 below
  5. vladimir because he just looks so majestic doing the gopnik squat
  6. Later bitch. gonna jump out this thread
  7. Already making excuses,seen that coming.
  8. Right back at you Stiqqy,but not just rhyse but scrun too.
  9. happy birthday you cunt
  10. happy bday sticrowqie
  11. happy christmas
  12. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn he will be a pro csgo player with that name but if im being serious name him Buddy
  13. we fucking lost skill