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  1. thunder most overrated trash bag ive ever seen
  2. 1.jamie 2.lewis 3.oldmike 4.danny 5.nick 6.extinct 7.thunder 8.sovman 9.stiqqy 10.fluxy edit: 10. eraser sry edit2: forgot about sov
  3. how do you mean troll, i want to get into something "diffferent". Kind of bored with Game Of Thrones
  5. Daily ob drama Ignore those cucks charlie you can hang out with me, they call me pedo for a reason.
  6. What The Fuck Did I Just Read ??????
  7. there's no deeper love
  8. never have a gf it is odds are i wont be with that gf forever so ill just be a poor fuck plus u can always be with girls without having a gf, specially with loads of money(throwback to when me and my friends got a driving license+car and suddenly we were gods) would you rather not have much time to play video games but be really good at them or not be very good but have loads of time to play?
  9. l0l i got ur email already enjoy the spam by shemale porn sites unlucky
  10. delete this shit already club with friends or with a girl?
  11. I'm in, dont have new expansion but fuck it
  12. this was the smoothest event/tourney ob has ever done. congrats lewis, unseen and anyone else that helped also congrats to team 1 + pepe for showing the other rats who's the best
  13. all i see is MEMEWARE on the top