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  1. 1 way to make a thread get 1000 views in 1 day, mention anime in any way shape or form, this was a bad choice rip member (kreppe)
  2. Paintball is more a of a leisurely game, something you can play with friends for a short period of time and not really get into the game much, i've played paintball alot, but i've also done airsoft and i can say that airsoft is more enjoyable and more serious, so if you want to better experience a massive shootout airsoft is better imo.
  3. As a descendant of the slavic race, i'll say i'd choose vladimir, he seems like the high class gopnik that will save this country from its impending doom, Vladimir for president 2020.
  4. Ofcs we weren't gonna have that large of a map pool + most of the maps are very bad or badly made, some maps just couldn't manage to pass, new maps might come in the future but for now the map pool is okay, with just a few exceptions.
  5. Hope you fix this issue, i also have a friend who got falsely vac-ed about 2 years ago, yes it happens he sent a message and requested an explanation for the ban but got no response in the end. He also didn't want to waste his time dealing with it so he dropped it, hope the same doesn't happen to you.
  6. Sign me up please
  7. Happy new year!!!
  8. Don't see why not, JB TS and forum presence are all there + is overall a nice guy and cracks some good jokes, also he deserves member with the amount of time he has been with this community.
  9. A thread to talk about how you felt about the new movie and also a way to see other's opinions about it and to judge if its worth seeing or not. Feel free to talk about other star wars related stuff aswell. Thread Rules : 1. No spoilers, keep it as spoiler free as possible. 2. Don't derail the thread too much, keep it star wars. My personal opinion is that this movie was way better than the last one, it truly felt like a star wars movie (talking about the original saga), and it didn't rely on a nostalgia factor like the last movie. The characters were well fleshed out and also that iconic star wars humour and writing were seen throughout most of the movie. There were pieces of dialoge and scenes that i felt could have been done way better and the movie took a pretty boring dip in the middle, but it quickly caught on and reinstated itself and had one of the best movie endings i've ever seen. Truly a movie worth watching, if you didn't like the last movie and are skeptical about this one, don't worry this movie managed to do star wars justice.
  10. You didn't really state if it was permanent or not, but if it is withought a doubt eyebrows, you can draw them back on if you really want to (albeit probably getting weird looks now and then), if its not permanent hair, because eyebrows take fucking ages to grow back. Would you rather eat maggots from a corpse, or eat a used condom?
  11. Meh i liked the event either way, kind of sad you guys got discouraged at the end, i'll gladly take the fifth spot though.
  12. Admin Requirements: ♦ Good English based communication (Foreign Languages a bonus though) - I can speak english rather well, im currently studying german and ofcourse i can speak bulgarian. ♦ Must be a member of Outbreak - Yes. ♦ Use of microphone - Yes. ♦ Good judgement & decisiveness - Yes. ♦ Committed & friendly - Yes. ♦ Valid Steam account as per this newspost - Yes ♦ A good amount of time spent on the servers - Almost 900 hours on jb, a fair amount on TS. ♦ Available and willing to respond to reported server offenders - Yes, albeit i won't be able to always show up around noon. ♦ Ability to run and assist with events - Yes. ♦ Use the forums and teamspeak Yes. ♦ Dedication and Enthusiasm - I'll try to be as dedicated as i can be. In-game Name: GingerPopper Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46113397 Real first name: Christian Previous admin experience: I have hosted alot of things for me and my friends and i have hosted servers for minecraft (yes i know those were dark times), besides that i haven't had too much admin experience, but im not completely out of it. Age: 18 Average Server Playtime: Anywhere between 2 - 10 hours. Average Teamspeak Time: 2 hours a day. Time zone: UTC+02:00 Country: Bulgaria. Membership of current CS clans/communities: Outbreak and no other. How long have you been with OB: More than a year. Why you should be Moderator: Well I figured since i play so much jb, and sometimes it can get pretty aids and when no mods are around i could help out aswell, I also want to give something back to the community that has provided me with alot of happiness this past year. I don't like too talk too highly of myself, but i do have good judgement and i always pay attention to the chat and in game, ofcourse sometimes i do tab out, but if i have to i'll pay utmost attention.
  13. sign me up
  14. lewd sad happy fat fatter