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  1. Okay that makes sense :))
  2. Either way this one won't be deleted <.<
  3. This was really fun to read and I'm glad you took time out of your busy day to mock me! Proud of you, keep it up
  4. How is my boy Chus not on this after his recent games? he's definitely top 10
  5. If you need anymore poke on on TS and ill get akame's list etc
  6. No one here is going to help most likely Find someone from OB to give your a anime list AKAME has a pretty cool one GL and please don't turn
  7. Got Some IRL stuff to do cya for some while
  8. Easter since i just get money Would your rather not have a arm or not have a leg
  9. He can always come talk to me since I'm one of the least mature on the team speak and couldn't give a shit about age difference
  10. Full of cheats from personal experience :))
  11. Rigged
  12. Igor - describes me on OB and was my favourite player
  13. Wist Drinking from a plate for your whole life or eating from a glass [Also how has no one been warned for posting the same question over and over again I have 0 brain cells and can see it's spam posting :( ] LOCK THE THREAD, LOCK THE THREAD, LOCK THE THREAD, LOCK THE THREAD, LOCK THE THREAD
  14. Thanks for the emails guys
  15. Woah i can tell you took your time making this thanks for all the information about yourself! welcome to the forums