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Skill's Mod App

Posted (edited)

In-game Name: Skill

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:96164388

Real first name: Max

Previous admin experience: I have been an admin on a gmod jailbreak server (SC3 Network) and also have been a mod on a gmod deathrun server (Barons islands)

Age: 17

Average Server Playtime: 2-4 hours (try to) a day (probably be more if i were to be mod)

Average Teamspeak Time: 5+ Hours a day, i'm always on when my computer is on.

Time zone: GMT

Country: England

Membership of current CS clans/communities: Only wear the OB tag :)

How long have you been with OB: Nearly a year now

Why you should be Moderator: I know i am able to be a great Mod as I have had past experience and I know what it takes to become this position. I want to help the commmunity to the best of my ability and i know i can. I am a loyal trustworthy person, you can ask me anything or speak to me about anything and you can rely on what I say. I get along with most people in the community and I really like the people here and I believe they like me too. The amounts of times I have seen someone braking rules on jailbreak when mods arent on, is incredible and I have had to send various reports or ask a mod to come on, but if i were to get mod; this wouldnt be needed. I will come on jailbreak as fast as i can if there is a freekiller for example, and i am always aware of what happens on the server so I find it very unlikely of me to miss something or someone braking the rules. Having the privilege of getting mod will be a great achievement for me as it is something I did and hopefully will start to enjoy doing again (If i were to get it).


Thanks for reading my application.

-Skill :)

Edited by Skill

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